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Hi, I’m Dr. Janice Hughes

Having coached literally thousands of fellow doctors, I’ve honed my skills and have the ability to significantly impact change in people who are seeking change. It’s now my mission to help YOU!

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With 2inspire women, our collective is poised for significant impact.  We have the power to affect real change in healthcare. At the same time, as women, it’s time to elevate the industry.

10 Random Facts About Me

1. Insanely committed to my core values: Authenticity, Adventure, and Family. 

2. Right My laser focus scares even my friends – they know our conversations are deep and meaningful, filled with direct truth. I’m so lucky to have found the coaching profession to harness this – and become a ‘little’ less scary!  

3. My favorite movies are filled with action and adventure – The Fast and The Furious, total action genre, and keep me away from the dramas that I fall asleep during.

4. Can you tell I’m an adrenaline junkie? That even comes out with my passion to sail. My husband and I embraced learning to sail and then travelling throughout the Caribbean and Belize on a sailboat. I’m the one who likes to bury the rail on any given day.

5. My childhood nickname was Sam – I was a total tomboy.

6. Then this tomboy won a beauty pageant and committed to never sharing the stories of then competing on a national stage. 

7. Right after the one and only beauty focus in my life, I proceeded to have a weird and wacky sports injury that broke my nose and multiple bones in my face. The photos of me looking like Rocky are buried deep – and luckily was at a time in the world of no social media posts. 

8. I’ve surrounded myself with men in my life, to learn the power and impact of women! I have 3 incredible 20 ‘something’ sons – Rob, Jackson and Kobi. My husband and I have raised spirited young men in a male dominated household – even our large puppies are male!

9. My husband has been able to put up with my shenanigan’s for 30 years – and even moved countries based on my path of purpose and meaning.

10. My favorite food group is liquid. My own category, I know. I love coffee, great wine (and more the conversation and experiences that surround it), and an amazing gin and tonic can make the world fine for me again.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Dr. Hughes has been a leader in the chiropractic profession and business world alike. I have worked with her in many brainstorming sessions and her mind is magical. She brings such a practical approach to building a business. Highly recommend her!"

Bharon Hoag

"I recommend Dr. Hughes as a doctor of chiropractic, a teacher, a consultant, a coach and a thought leader in the fields of health care in general and chiropractic in particular."

Thomas Klapp

"Dr. Janice Hughes is a leaders leader! She has a crisp and clear vision which is evident in her life and coaching style. She has instant like-ability and her energy is unparalleled. "

A. Pusateri, Business Coach

With great coaching, you are able to see possibility,  achieve transformation in your practice and in your life.

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