Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

DC // business coach

Hi, I’m Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

The best part of coaching is witnessing the breakthroughs that happen.

When a client can finally see beyond their own limitations so that they can get to the next level, it’s extremely rewarding and I know this is impacting not only that client but also their family, their patients and their community.

I believe there is a better way because of the vision that  2 Inspire Women is committed to for women as healthcare professionals.

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The big opportunity for us now with 2Inspire Women is about coaching fellow female doctors to  build their life by design.


1. I starred in a country music video in my 20’s.  Even though I don’t even like country music.

2.  I learned to surf for my 40th birthday at a women’s surf camp in Mexico.

3. I love mystery novels, spy novels, and historical fiction.

4. I was fired from piano lessons as a child – even though I was paying her… She suggested I take a wood instrument.

5. I would give up tv in a heartbeat, but not movies!  I love movies!

6.  I learned to play acoustic guitar when I was 40.  My family now has an aversion to the song Wonderwall.

7. People think I look like Julia Roberts. They usually start by saying, “Has anyone ever told you…”.  And I sometimes say “No, you’re the first.”… Just for fun 🙂

8. I love a wide range of music from light jazz to hard rock.

9. I entered my first and last bodybuilding competition at age forty-three

10. I grew up in a family with 3 girls and now I have 3 boys.  

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Dr. Shaelyn Osborn balances her keen understanding of human behavior with sound business principles to create unparalleled growth for clients. I would strongly encourage anyone who desires to elevate their life and business to work directly with her.”

Dr. J. Laguardia

“I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Shaelyn Osborn a few years ago and found her commitment to helping, guiding and strengthening others through her knowledge to be top notch. I would highly recommend her to any person who is seeking a coach who can bring clarity to their success journey.”

Richard Flint, CEO Richard Flint International

“I’ve known Dr. Shaelyn Osborn for over 5yrs and she is an exceptional example of what an entrepreneur should be. Not only has she set the bar in the Chiropractic world with her state of the art facility, and surrounds herself with a strong team. Dr. Osborn is a strong, dedicated worker who supports each client with care and is involved in the community. She’s a fantastic role model for female entrepreneurs and a great role model for anyone who aspires to be successful.”

James Buckland, Royal Bank of Canada

I’m proud to share what I’ve learned starting with the fundamentals that every practice needs, all the way to the point where a practice is ready to scale and beyond.

Yes, I want to grow my business!

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